NL April 2013

April 2013

Dear family and friends of The Narrow Way Ministry:

Greetings from 30,000 feet high over Phoenix, Arizona! As I begin this letter to you, I am flying to Portland, Oregon for the forum on “Gays in the Family” organized by the North Pacific Union Conference Family Ministries. “Coming Out” Ministries has been invited to participate, and I will be one of the presenters this weekend. We will also be doing further work on the production of a video featuring those of us in this branch of ministry, promoting the concept of Victory in Jesus, Overcoming, and Transformation based upon our own personal testimonies of how the Lord led us out of the Gay life and into Newness of Life in service for Himself and to others.
On April 29 we will also be participating in another forum with the North American Division Family Ministries Committee Meeting at the General Conference in the D.C. area promoting a proactive approach to the gay issue within our church’s sphere of influence, an approach that reaches out in love to the homosexual sinner to show that he/she, too, can be made whole through the divine, transforming power of our loving Creator and Re-Creator. The same plan of salvation that works for all other sinners is totally adequate for the homosexual sinner as well. Please keep these events in your prayers.
Back in February, Dr. Yvonne Lewis invited those of us working together in the “Coming Out” Ministries to host a series of programs for “Pure Choices” on the
“Dare to Dream Network” with 3ABN. At first she wanted us to do an entire quarter, of 13 programs. She then upped it to 18, then 21, and 28. In the time allotted for us to film, we were only able to accomplish 21, and these programs began airing on April 1. It was so confirming to see the reaction of the film and production crew after the filming of each and every program. “Wow!” they would say. “That was life changing!!” “That was powerful!!” It is encouraging for Wayne Blakely, Mike Carducci and myself to see that through our own personal experiences and perspectives, people are able to see more clearly that our God is truly mighty to save, the whosoevers, from whatsoever, even to the uttermost! There has been an expressed interest in our coming back to film more programs with this network in the future. Praise the Lord for the opportunities to testify in His behalf!

Claudi-Jo: As I am flying north from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon, Claudia and Mama Stella (my “Outlaw-Ma”) are flying east from Los Angeles back home to Arkansas. They have been the last 10 days with Derek and Jenee and little Caden for some quality “Grandma and Great Grandma time” with their family at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Santa Maria, California. Because of our home base chores and responsibilities, we have to time these trips just right in order to keep all the bases covered. So, Claudia will arrive home tonight to pick up where I left off this morning with all the home base chores, etc. We’ll join forces again Monday night upon my arrival back home. Three-year-old Caden seems to be doing quite well since his liver transplant surgery a year and a half ago. Thank you for all those prayers!

Zachary and Natalie: are in Ukraine right now on a mission trip with the Oklahoma Academy Chorale and Bell Choir. They both sing in the chorale and play in the Bell Choir, and Zachary is actually one of the pianists for the chorale as well. They have joined up with the senior class, which went before them two weeks earlier to conduct two evangelistic series there and to also work with some orphanages. This is one of those life-changing opportunities for young people for which Claudia and I are very grateful. Both our children have been with us in the past on mission trips and speaking engagements in Romania, Germany and other European countries, but they were both quite young at the time and have but faint memories of those adventures. This trip to Ukraine is their time, without Mom and Dad… They are not “tag-alongs” but are actively participating in all the mission opportunities themselves. Claudia and I are so proud of them and pray that this will work to help them in their continued journey along the narrow way to make wise life choices and commitments. We also want to thank all of you who helped make this trip possible for them with your generous donations towards their traveling expenses. God bless you!

Christmas CD Update: I’ve been threatening for five years now to come out with a Christmas CD with marimba, Piano, Accordion and guest orchestration. Well, I’m well under way with that project now, finally, and hope to have it completed and available by the first of August. My former accompanists, Steve and Judy Evenson picked up and moved off to Alaska several years ago, and now that I’m deep into this project I really miss them. Having to do my own piano accompaniment is a real challenge, since it should be recorded simultaneously with the marimba. But it’s coming along nicely. One special feature is that Zachary did the piano accompaniment on a beautiful arrangement of “O Holy Night/Silent Night”, a medley. And one of his classmates joined in with a little saxophone. You can understand that this song and arrangement are really special, Zachary’s first contribution to a CD project. If you would like to help this project along with a donation, (it is very expensive to produce a CD), I’ll be happy to send you one of the 1st CDs when the project is completed.

New Book Project: Another project that I’m working on in conjunction with Remnant Publications is a second book entitled “Strait Answers to the Gay Question”, An Experiential and Biblical Approach to the Homosexual Issue. Basically, this is a compilation of the numerous articles posted on my website that were in response to real questions from real concerned people dealing with the gay issue in their own lives, their own families, with their own acquaintances and churches, etc. This book has been repeatedly requested as a follow up to my original book, “That Kind Can Never Change! Can They…?”, One Man’s Struggle to Understand and Overcome His Homosexuality. In today’s social and political climate regarding the redefining of marriage and the indoctrination of an entire generation of young people from kindergarten upwards in harmony with the Homosexual Agenda, this book is one who’s time has come. Please pray for God’s direction and assistance in completing this project in a timely manner.

A New Deal: Beginning the first of May, I have been asked by the Arkansas/Louisiana Conference to take on a second church in my pastoral ministry. I remain a Bi-Vocational pastor, meaning part-time with the conference. But I met with the Clinton, Arkansas church this past Tuesday evening and was warmly welcomed to be their new pastor along with the sister church in Marshall, Arkansas. This will require me to become more disciplined and efficient with my time and scheduling, but I’m looking forward to working with this congregation and pray that I will be a faithful steward and a profitable servant in this area.

The Narrow Way Ministry: In my spare time…, I continue to travel with Concerts and Speaking Engagements and will be in Ohio later this month, and performing at the ASI Convention in Orlando in August. In June/July, exact time still gelling, I will be joining Wayne and Mike on a speaking tour in New Zealand and Australia. This opportunity has been in the works since last August and is finally coming together.
One reason this trip is SO important is that the producers of the film “Seventh-Gay Adventists” have just completed a tour of Australia with numerous screenings of the movie promoting homosexuality and gay marriage within our beloved Seventh-day Adventist Church. Their approach is to pull at the heartstrings of the viewers through testimonies of gay Seventh-day Adventist couples who have felt unaccepted by the church. What is lacking in their presentation is how God feels about the issue. It’s all about the feelings, tendencies, attractions, emotions experiences of the sinner, with no thought as to the heartbreak, feelings, emotions, and sacrifice of our Saviour, and no Biblical basis for their summations. This effort and false gospel of salvation IN sin must be met with the true gospel of salvation FROM sin, through the blood of the Lamb and the word of OUR testimonies. (Revelation 12:11) This is another adventure that really calls for your support through prayer.

In the book Steps to Christ, I read years ago on page 46 as I was studying my way back to the Lord, “Would that all who have not chosen Christ might realize that He has something vastly better to offer them than they are seeking for themselves.” In other words, God’s plan for my life far exceeds anything I could ever even imagine for myself. Well, I’m here to tell you that the word is true. Never in all my years in the world did I have such fulfillment and excitement in my life as I now have in working for Jesus to advance His kingdom in this world of darkness.

Claudia and I want to thank you for all your continued support through prayer, encouragement, and with means to continue this work for Him. May God richly bless you in your continued journey along “the narrow way, which leadeth unto life.”

In His love,

Ron and Claudia Woolsey
Zachary and Natalie

P.S. Please share with us any email address updates you may have. Thank you!