Music Ministry

Through music concerts, the Woolsey family shares the beauty of holiness through a delightful collection of classic sacred melodies performed on Concert Grand Marimba, Piano & Keyboard, and Amplified Accordion. Occasionally we are able to persuade our children to sing as well. During the concert Ron also shares his personal testimony of divine rescue from a life of self-destruction and degradation, given so that others may know that "nothing is impossible with God." Why not contact us today about booking a concert in your area?  

Excelsis Deo - Marimba & Sacred Classics

The birth of Jesus is celebrated the world over the end of every year.  The intent behind the production of “Excelsis Deo” is to facilitate the appreciation of songs of praise for our Savior's birth year round.  May you be blessed and He be glorified through this musical production is my prayer! 

Selections include:

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Make Me A Blessing - Marimba & Sacred Classics

Enjoy a number of favorite sacred classics played with the soothing, yet cheerful tones of the Musser Concert Grand Marimba with Yamaha C7 Grand Piano accompaniment, orchestrated with Acoustic Guitar, upright Bass, Violin, Mandolin, Italian Accordion, Vibes and Keyboard. This production is a real demonstration of the beauty of holiness through uplifting, heavenly music. It is our prayer that you will truly -- Be Blessed.

Selections include:

  1. Make me a blessing
    Make Me a Servant
  2. O Glorious Love
  3. Like a Lamb Who Needs a Shepherd
    O Shepherd Divine
    Gentle Shepherd
  4. Down From His Glory
  5. Do You Know My Jesus?
  6. The Lord is My Shepherd
  7. The Haven of Rest
  8. A Quiet Place
  9. O Lord Most Holy
  10. Hold Thou My Hand
  11. The Captain Calls
    Jesus is Coming Again
  12. Reprise: Make Me a Blessing
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A Perfect Day

A delightful collection of Classic Sacred Melodies performed on Concert Grand Marimba and accompanied on Yamaha Grand Piano, with light orchestration. The 21 selected pieces were chosen for their uplifting spiritual nature and melodic beauty as well as their adaptability to the unique style and qualities of the Marimba.

Selections include:

  1. Eternal Life ( Listen)
  2. Because He Lives
    It is Well with my Soul
    The Love of God
  3. Far Beyond the Sun
  4. God Speaks
  5. The Lord's Prayer
  6. Amazing Grace
    Marvelous Grace
  7. Bless this House
  8. Cleanse Me
    I Will Serve Thee
  9. Calvary
  10. The Green Cathedral ( Listen)
  11. Beyond the Sunset
    Over the Mountains
    Day is Dying in the West
  12. A Perfect Day
  13. Encore en Espanol:
    Mas Alla Del Sol ( Listen)

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Marimba in Ozark Mountain Country

In this recording project is found a fascinating blending of music cultures and styles using concert grand marimba, acoustic & gut string guitars, violin/fiddle, mandolin, banjo, acoustic bass, and vibraharp, resulting in a unique and charming collection of classic gospel "sing-along" melodies you will be sure to treasure for a lifetime.

Selections include:

  1. Precious Mem'ries ( Listen)
  2. Life's Railway to Heaven
    Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
    Send the Light
    I Saw the Light
  3. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
    Jesus, Hold My Hand ( Listen)
  4. Sweet Beulah Land ( Listen)
  5. Farther Along
  6. Springs of Living Water
  7. How Long Has it Been
    It is No Secret
  8. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  9. Thank You, Lord
  10. Wayfaring Stranger ( Listen)
  11. Reprise: Precious Mem'ries
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