October 14, 2011

  Dear friends of The Narrow Way Ministry :

          Just this morning I received the following letter from a young man from Mexico City, Mexico who flew up to Little Rock, AR with his father to spend a couple days with me back in 2009, seeking counseling regarding his homosexuality.  If ever I feel discouraged with my ministry, and that my efforts are insufficient and pointless, it is letters like this that spur me on to continue fighting the good fight of faith as we war against the enemy of souls in these perilous times of the great controversy between good and evil, between Christ and Satan.  And I want to thank you for the major role you play in making our ministry possible, enabling us to carry on seeking the lost and pointing them to the Way, the Truth, and the Life – Jesus Christ.  I just had to share this letter with you.

The Letter:


I hope this message finds you well.

             We met in Little Rock, AR in the fall of 2009. My father Julio and I went to see you for two days looking for counseling on the subject of my rebellion against my family and ultimately against God. Although I imagine that you have ministered to many young men like me, I hope that you remember my story and me. I am sorry that I never wrote to you and thanked you formally for your help.  At the time, you see, I was determined to justify my life of sin and knew very well that contact with you would surely not help my determination. So for that I apologize.

             I write to you now because I finished reading your book for the second time. The first time my heart was clouded with stubbornness to not let anything deter me from my mission. But today, reading it again, your story took on a whole new life and meaning. I can tell you now with such happiness that I, like you so long ago, have returned home (to Mexico City, Mexico). I have confessed my sins to Jesus, I have asked for his forgiveness, and he has been “faithful and just” to forgive my sins and cleanse me of all wickedness. My parents and family have seen their prodigal son return and have been nothing but amazingly kind and graceful toward me. Their prayers, advice and encouragement throughout these years will forever be a testament to me of true faith in the Lord. I cannot express how happy my return has made my family and me. I wanted to share this with you because your life and your story were very helpful in my return to Jesus.  I thank God for bringing you into our lives, particularly mine.

             My story is incredibly similar to yours.  So I now find myself in the “wilderness”.  I returned from the hustle and bustle of New York City to the wonderful home and family that God blessed me with. I truly don’t understand how I could have stayed away for so long from the wonderful life He gave me. So, like you, I now find myself asking him for my very own “second chances and double portions”.  From the moment I decided to leave my life of sin behind and accept God’s purpose I have felt the burden of ministering in some way, shape or form. I cannot deny that I feel every day more and more an urgency to serve God somehow and perhaps make up for the time I lost serving my sin and myself.  Nevertheless I have committed to wait for his guidance in every step I take from now on. So I have yet to discover how that ministry will come. But I have faith that it will.

    Aside from thanking you and sharing my story with you, I wanted to ask you, if I may, for your prayers.  I certainly do not feel exempt from temptation yet and I know that the devil is roaming like a lion in my life waiting for me to fall again. So if you could keep me in your prayers I would be so thankful. I want so badly to serve the Lord and to fulfill the purpose he has for my life. But I do admit that I have fears and am uneasy about what the future holds. I want my life and story to glorify him, but sometimes I wish I could seclude myself from the entire world in case I should fall into any sin again and shame Him. I know that God does not want me to be afraid but, as I’m sure you can sympathize, it comes from not having feelings of great strength in the Lord yet after living in rebellion for so long.

          I thank God for you, for your ministry, and for the example you are to me and other people struggling with homosexual sin. I hope that you and your entire family are doing wonderfully. And I hope that God continues to bless you the way he has.

Warm regards,

D____                           The End

         Friends, I want to appeal to you to please include this young man in your daily prayers.  You must know that the devil is furious over the loss of D___ to the arms of Jesus, and he will stop at nothing to get him back.  I would ask that you become prayer warriors for him that the Holy Spirit will work mightily in his young life to sustain him in the victory he has now found in Jesus.  And I want to thank you once again for all your prayers and support of The Narrow Way Ministry and my web site ministry: www.victorjadamson.com.  Eternity will reveal what a blessing you are to our ministry and to the lives of those to whom we minister.

With grateful heart,

Ron Woolsey


November 3, 2011

Family & Ministry News:

Autumn is here in full swing now.  For the last week or so we have been busy cutting firewood for my mother for the winter.  As you know, my father was laid to rest last New Year’s Eve, and we are now much more involved with Mom and her needs as she lives next door.  It is quite exhilerating working out doors this time of year with the cool air and changing colors of the trees.  It also makes the horses quite frisky.  Tonight when I went out to feed them they were all kicking up their heels and rearing up playfully -- a real joy to watch.

Zachary and Natalie are both enjoying the school year at Oklahoma Academy.  They skipped the fall break and went to Texas to canvas, to sell spiritual books, etc.  Their first break to come home will be Thanksgiving, and they both are really anxious for that.  As a fund raiser, the academy is putting out a calendar for next year using the artwork of the art students.  The boys’ dean is a professional artist, and both Natalie and Zachary are in the class.   Three of their paintings will be featured in the calendar for 2012, and we were pleasantly shocked at the quality of some of these paintings.  At $10.00 each, a great Christmas gift…!  Let us know if you’re interested. 

To help keep the children in academy, I’m trying to stay booked with concerts and speaking engagements, which I now do two weeks out of the month.  It’s also one of my favorite branches of ministry.  The other two weeks I attend to the local church here in Marshall, AR.  If you are interested in such a program in your location, please let me know.  If you are far away, then I will work to build a concert tour around that engagement. 

We recently moved Claudia’s mother, affectionately known as my “Outlaw Ma”,  here to Marshall.  She is living in the house next to the radio station.  We began the move the end of August, and we still are working to get her settled in.  But it’s really nice to have both our mother’s so close.  It really cuts down on the worry, as “Outlaw Ma” will soon be 89 years old, and my mother is 84, soon to be 85.  They both are such a blessing in our lives, and it is a privilege to be involved in their day-to-day lives.

Claudia stays very busy with her extra-curricular duties managing a local co-op for Country Life Natural Foods.  And we’ve now entered into the Citrus Season, in which she also leads out with our church fund raiser selling boxes of wonderful citrus from Florida.  

Little Caden continues to improve since his liver transplant.  He certainly has a new lease on life, very happy, very active, and apparently very much improved in health.  Thank you all so much for your prayers in his behalf! 

One of our new ventures is working together with 3 other ministries in a cooperative effort known as “Coming Out” Ministries.  Little Light Studios is working on a project featuring all of us and our testimonies entitled “Coming Out – the Movie”, featuring the testimonies and ministries of Wayne Blakely of Vancouver, WA, Virna and Lesa Santos of central California, Mike Carducci of east Tennessee, and myself here in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.  We will all be sharing a large booth at the upcoming GYC convention in Houston, Texas in an effort to make known our joint resources promoting sexual purity among God’s people, especially promoting the Biblical concept of victory, overcoming, transformation, and newness of life through Jesus Christ in regards to the homosexual issue that is becoming an ever increasing problem within the Christian church, including our own denomination.  This branch of ministry could really use your prayers, as we are politically incorrect and unpopular in our message.  But we stand on the Word of God.

I know some of you are still curious about our radio station situation and are keeping that venture in your prayers.  We are still tied up in court with the buyers that defaulted 3 years ago then took us to court in an attempt to take the station without closing the deal.   They lost their case, as you know, but we still have major loose ends to tie up that are being held up by the local judicial system…!  Please keep us in your prayers. 

We look forward to seeing you somewhere along the narrow way 

Keep looking up! 

Ron & Claudia Woolsey

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