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"That Kind Can Never Change!' Can They...?"
One Man's Struggle to Understand and Overcome His Homosexuality

Read the true story of Jesse's path to victory which he has shared so that others may know that nothing is impossible with God.

The attitude expressed in the title quote is held by many Christians today in regards to the
homosexual in particular, but could also extend to those of any "socially unacceptable" besetting sin or lifestyle.

This title is based upon an unfortunate direct pronouncement against and denouncement of the author by a local pastor one year after the author's conversion; a pastor who just could not believe that even God could change someone like the
homosexual. The same point was made repeatedly by a local elder of the author's own church two years after his conversion.

Such Christians need to understand that their faith may be no more than a mere "
form of godliness, denying the power thereof."

May the same come to know and understand our God as being mighty to save; even to the uttermost. "Whosoever" includes the

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"The All Important Question (2 tapes)"

“What must I do to be saved?”

"Exploding the Gay Myth"

(“Once Gay, Always Gay…”)
The Victor J. Adamson Story
of Understanding & Overcoming Homosexuality

Introduction and Commentary by
Doug Batchelor—-Amazing Facts